Sic Bo Mobile Casinos

Sic Bo mobile casino was created in Ancient China, but has never been more popular than it is today. Well-loved in land, online and mobile casinos in America and across the rest of the world, it seems sure to keep going from strength to strength. With smartphones and casino apps on iPad being more integrated into our daily lives all the time, mobile casino Sic Bo games are becoming more convenient and of higher quality. Read our general guidelines here.

Learn to play Sic-bo on Mobile

The mechanics of online and Sic Bo mobile casino are simple enough, but the huge range of outcomes that are possible ensures endless hours of entertainment. A vibrating platform known as a Dice Shaker is used to roll three dice. Using three makes the odds in Sic Bo much higher than in most other games of dice, but the payouts are correspondingly higher as well. In mobile & online casino game Sic Bo, the Dice Shaker is beautifully simulated with a Random Number Generator. With over fifty possible dice combinations it is very easy to get confused even after you have been playing for some time, so the specially designed table displays all possible bets to make things a little simpler.

Refine your strategy

Sic Bo mobile casino is a game of chance, so most of its excitement comes from the thrill of waiting for the dice to fall and seeing how they land. Strategy can’t really be developed, but you can make shrewd tactical decisions about the wagers that you place. You are able to choose between several different bets and determine your own risk levels and odds. Your various options are outlined below.

  • Three of a kind: a specified number appears on all the dice. The house edge is huge, with the odds of winning 1 in 216. However, the payout is a massive 150 to 1
  • Any three of a kind: any number appears on all three dice. This is six times as likely as Three of a kind, but still very rare
  • Two of a kind: a specific number occurs on two dice. This payout is 8 to 1, with a 5.82% chance of winning
  • Duo: two different per-specified numerals appear on two dice
  • One of a kind: one specific number appears on one die
  • Small Bets and Big Bets: Sic Bo mobile casino translates as Small Big and the moniker is most likely based on these wagers. Payout table areas, called Small and Big, pay out even money. In the Small Area you can bet that the sum of the dice will equal a specific number from 4 to 10, except if Three of a kind is rolled. Thus, a roll of 3 ones and 9 and 6 hardways are not winning bets, so the house has an edge. The same rules apply in the Big Area, but the dice must come to a per-specified number that is between 17 and 11. Once again Three of a kind is excluded, and the hardways of 15 and 12 also do not yield rewards
  • Finally, you can bet that the dice total will be between 17 and 4. Payouts for this are displayed on the table

Start your Sic Bo journey today

Now that you know the game basics, you are ready to start experiences the thrilling complexities of real mobile Sic Bo. Read our reviews to find the best mobile American casinos to enjoy the game at.